Free Peacock

I was inspired to blog again by my twelve year old sister and a group of Unitarian Universalists.

When I shut down my blog at the end of last year, I did not think I would start back up again. My life felt too exposed, too open. So, I hid my blog and all of my writing, made my Twitter private, and deleted 350 Facebook friends (sorry about that).

The six months since have been full of change. I feel like I have evolved into someone new. Since school finished last month, I have been considering blogging again. I have free time and things I want to share. I feel like I have a different voice now, and perhaps one that is even more important than before. I even Tweeted that I wanted to blog again, but that it seemed a bit exhausting.

I changed my mind this weekend.

First, I found my twelve year old sister writing a "guest post" for someone else's blog. Her dedication to blogging is pretty hysterical at times. I mentioned to her that I was thinking about blogging again, and she got more excited than I have seen her in months.

She told me we needed to set up my blog RIGHTNOW, and we spent the rest of the night deciding on a name and a blogging platform.

The next morning, I was not sure if I still wanted to blog. Sometimes sharing is yucky and vulnerable, and I was scared.

That same morning I went to my first Unitarian Universalist service. I am sure you will read much more about this in the future, but there is one important take-away for this blog post.

I learned the importance of community. As we held hands at the end of the service and sang a song about peace and justice, I felt something move in me that has not moved in a long time.

I knew then that I need other people in my life. I can have my own sacred space, but I can also let people in-here in the present and also online.

So, indeed, I am blogging again.I am pretty excited. I have a lot of goodness I want to share, starting with this beautiful video of the song we sang on Sunday (and the song that ends each UU service here in Bellingham).

Be moved.

Oh, and the name of my blog? It's because finally  I feel free to be myself, a free melissa lea peacock. With this freedom, I want to work to give others the same. I feel like this blog, in some small way, is a good place to start.


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